1. The child would demonstrate interest in learning. 

  2. Manipulating the sliders/colour images representing the numbers initially a little slowly, the child gains speed encountering more and more sums, resulting in speedy calculation. 

  3. Concentration skills develop due to – developing of interest in learning abacus calculations, need to observe closely sitting for longer duration of time than the child is normally used to.

  4. Relating images to numbers

1st Level Basic

  • Children are trained to sit with the right body posture – discipline inculcated.

  • Palms on table, Holding of Abacus & Pencil – the prerequisites to skill-learning.

  • Introduced to Play way learning creating interest.

  • Children are trained to sit focused.

  • Addition and subtraction 

  • Abacus: 1 - Digit ( 3 rows ); 1, 2 – Digit    ( 3 / 4 / 5 rows )

Level completion certificate

Will be issued immediately from the date successful completion of the Level, after completing the work in the prescribed books. The level would take at least 3 months to complete.

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