1. Speed tends to increase.

  2. Speed is a skill which the child uses to win in time.

  3. Concentration develops further – The Abacus skills make the child sit focused.

  4. Observation of colour images – Visualization of images.

  5. Relating images to numbers, the skill strengthens.

2nd Level

  • Speed Writing (skill) introduced and the children learn to write fast and also maintain the quality of writing.

  • Familiarize with the numbers and playing with numbers.

  • Numbers are made to relate with the images. Introduced to Visualization (skill) - activation of Right brain.

  • Addition and subtraction 

  • Abacus: 2 - Digit ( 3 rows ); 3 - Digit ( 3 rows ) 

  • Mental: 1 - Digit ( 3 rows )

Level completion certificate

Will be issued immediately from the date successful completion of the Level, after completing the work in the prescribed books. The level would take at least 3 months to complete.

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